magic happens in the spaces between 

Fermentation Jar - 10.5" tall, rattle handle

Windowsill pocket vase - hit by a lot of ash. Just in time for the last of this summer's peonies.
Coffee pourover set. The angle, thickness, and hole size were informed by a coffee expert, Rachel Byrd. It makes a darn good cup of coffee! The coffee pot lid acts as a drip catcher for the pourover

Works great for a single mug too.

Recommend cone filters #2 like the Hario V60 (the ones that come to a point)

Cloud bowl - 9" X 7.5"

Contact me to order custom plate or bowl sets. 

Tea light holder - Gohonde effect, 4" tall
flip the roof to add drops of essential oil

Tea light holder at night

Pocket vases - Local flowers from Aldebaran Farm
12" serving bowl
Inside of a cloud berry bowl and water collector with glaze drips
Let it rain!
Cloud flower bowls
Two sides of the same cup

We pulled over on the PA Turnpike just outside of Morgantown to find safety in a ditch! My son had the presence to film it. It was an intense experience! This system did a lot of damage only a mile away. I could feel the spin in my body long after. I still imagine spiraling up and down when I breathe in and out, especially when I center on the wheel. 

Bisque ware mugs with underglaze
Black raincloud mug
Clouds rain inside too.
Double rimmed salad bowls
24 oz beer steins
Tenmoku glaze going blue from reduction complements the black currants from the garden.
Hollow rim wood and salt fired bowl, roasted pumpkin chili. Every blue moon I woodfire!